Choosing the Right Hairstyle For Your Activity Level

Men and women who lead active lives require hairstyles that suit their activity levels and do not get in their way. When visiting your local Framingham hair salon, ask about haircuts and treatments that allow you to enjoy your hair as well as your chosen sport or activity.

Deciding Between Short and Long Hairstyles

Active people often favor short haircuts because they do not want any hair in their faces and because excess hair can cause elevated heat retention during heavy aerobic exercise. This is not as important for activities that require participants to wear a helmet or cap, such as competitive swimming and hockey.

A medium-length cut becomes awkward because it cannot be restrained with a hair clip or tie, but is long enough to get in your way. Extremely active people should consider a super-short cut, such as a bob or pixie cut. Texturing these cuts adds volume to flat or dry hair.

Longer styles work well when the wearer can pull them back in a ponytail or bun. Active individuals often prefer straight cuts with long hair rather than layers so they do not have to worry about wrangling different lengths of hair. Talk with your stylist at Hair & Grace Salon about finding the perfect length.

Choosing a Bang Length for an Active Lifestyle

Bangs sometimes get in the way of enjoying climbing mountains, riding bikes, or playing volleyball in your spare time. They add weight to the forehead, which can increase sweat accumulation and result in irritation when wearing a helmet or cap. Your hair stylist in framingham might suggest growing out your bangs so they are the same length as the rest of your hair.

Side-swept bangs offer a unique middle ground for people who do not want to grow out their bangs all the way, but want a way to keep the bangs off their faces. Bangs long enough to tuck behind the ears can be pulled back during exercise or activity, then let loose the rest of the time.

Finding the Best Asian Hairstyle for Active Individuals

During a visit to your Korean hair salon, ask about modern techniques, such as Japanese Magic Straightening, that help active individuals better manage their hair. Men and women of Asian descent often struggle with limp, lifeless hair that resists styling, but your active lifestyle should not prevent you from achieving the look you desire.

Keratin treatments, for example, eliminate frizzy hair, which makes your tresses easier to style after your morning jog. Ask your stylist about Japanese hair straightening or Keratin treatments to improve your relationship with your hair.

The best hairstyle for an active individual depends not only on his or her sport or activity, but also on personal preference. Work with your stylist at your Framingham hair salon to find a cut and style that matches your personality, face shape, and activity level.